24 Ağustos 2008 Pazar

Positive Feedbacks!

This is a fantastic global icon --- and quite clever to use the color
of the tongue as the universal constant... which is also, of course, a
rarely used color, adding to the applicability of this visual to
represent a universal action: choose language. -
Bayarea RH

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ssokolow dedi ki...

While I appreciate the idea of the icon, I think it's a poor choice.

It took me nearly a week of searching (ending in a serendipitous discovery) just to figure out that the unnamed PNG file I had found wasn't showing some kind of download icon. (It looks like a diskette... busting your claim that the chosen glyph "is not related to any other idea or symbol")

Also, your blog reflects poorly on the icon. It's the only blogger blog I've ever seen that forced a non-English language on me. (English is the only language I can read)