25 Ocak 2009 Pazar

Translators Needed

We like to translate the language icons site (http://www.languageicon.org) into all languages, please send me a mail if you are interested: omcdesign@gmail.com, we will put your link to homepage as a contributer.

FocusAbacus prefers the Language Icon

FocusAbacus - Who are a real estate portal integrated the language icon to all Focus Abacus Network Sites: focusabacus.com, focusabacus.net, focusabacus.org, focusabacus.biz, focusabacus.info, focusabacus.mobi (mobile real estate), Emlak.im (Türkiye real estate), Immobiliarsi (Italy real estate), FocusAbacus.cn (China real estate), VnNhadat.net (Vietnam real estate), Emlakim Türkiye (Turkey real estate), Aqaratona (Gulf real estate), ManoNamai.net (Lithuania real estate), FocusAbacus.HK (Hong Kong real estate) and Sumi Sumu (Japan Real Estate)