24 Ağustos 2008 Pazar

Positive Feedbacks!

This is a fantastic global icon --- and quite clever to use the color
of the tongue as the universal constant... which is also, of course, a
rarely used color, adding to the applicability of this visual to
represent a universal action: choose language. -
Bayarea RH

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Webpage Update

We have updated our webpage and added standard size banners and more examples..

Which websites implement the Language Icon?

We will keep this page for all who implement the language icon, please leave a comment here with your webpage adress, we will be adding you to the list!.

Currently Language icon is used by:

FocusAbacus Real Estate Network: emlak.im focusabacus.cn, vnnhadat.net.. (20+ sites)


Domain Update

Hi, we have moved our server to MediaTemple, our domain is still languageicon.org, .com, .net, .mobi, or .info also works.. however the old website also works.